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8 of my Favorite Things That Make Great Gifts

It's that time of year when gift giving is definitely on everyone's mind and I want to share 8 ideas of things that I actually use and love!! These items would all make great gifts-- not just for Christmas, but for birthdays, mothers day, etc!

Links included in this post are affiliate links. If you purchase a product with the links that I provide I receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Thank you for your support!

I use these every day!! They can keep things hot or cold! I am not a coffee drinker but I do drink a smoothie every morning and love that these keep it cold for hours. They come with reuseable medtal straw and straw cleaners. I love that the lids can close shut, making them easy to transport places (like work!). They come in lots of colors!!

smoothie insulated tumbler cups with straw

I wear a pair from this set every day!! They go with everything and they aren't too big or heavy. They're comfortable and easy but also cute!

gold earrings for daily wear

I love using this when I travel and couldn't travel with out it! It keeps all my toiletries organized and is so nice to have when you get to where you're staying. You can simply hang it up near or in the bathroom and have everything in one place without taking up a ton of counter space! Comes in more colors!

travel toiletry bag organizer

If you or whoever you're giving to cooks often, this vegetable chopper is a MUST. It has so many options and functions and it saves me so much time when it comes to chopping veggies. It is easy and quick! I also love chopping onions with it cause it means no crying!!

vegetable chopper for the cooking in the kitchen

I wear this bag whenever I leave the house to go anywhere! I also love it while traveling! It's the perfect size where it isn't too big but it still fits surprisingly a lot. I can keep my phone, wallet, keys, some snacks, gum, medication, toiletries, chapstick or lipgloss-- all the neccessities! Comes in more colors! Highly recommend!!

crossbody bag for daily use and travel

This is the perfect duffle bag for an overnighter or just a quick trip-- but also great as a gym bag! I love the separate compartment on the bottom for storing shoes so that they don't touch the rest of your clothes! It's also got a place to charge your phone with a portable charger! Cute and functional!!

duffel weekender bag

I have this in my car and use it EVERY day and every time I drive! I love that it can connect to the air vent so it's up higher and doesn't require looking all the way down to see my maps. It also creates a habit of putting my phone in it's place so that I'm NOT on it while driving.

car phone holder

I wear this band and case every day! The gold looks nice and it goes with everything! It's comfortable and I love that the case makes my apple watch look like it matches the gold (since mine is actually silver).

gold chain apple watch band and case

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