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8 Things I Do on the Weekend to Help Me Have a Better Week

Updated: Mar 12

Imagine going to bed Sunday evening feeling ready and prepared, even excited, for the week ahead. And yes, it is possible to experience this. I have found that doing these things (almost) every weekend really helps me to have a smoother, less stressful week!

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1. Meal plan + grocery shop

I am a HUGE believe in meal planning! If I didn't plan ahead my meals I don't think I'd end up making dinner any night... Deciding before the week starts helps with decision fatigue after a long day of work. I love knowing already what I'm making. It also helps with deciding what to eat because I have a log of what I've made past nights so I kind of have an unofficial rotation of meals through out each month. Get a dinner log template for FREE here! I always share my dinner meal plan for the week on my Instagram stories on Saturdays! I also get my grocery shopping for the week done on the weekends because I don't usually have time to do it during the work week. I like to get to the store first thing Saturday morning before it becomes crazy busy!

2. Do laundry + put it away

Alright I'll admit, the "put it away" part sometimes doesn't happen... but I really do try to get all the laundry washed, dried, and put away before Monday because it makes me feel so much more put together! I know some people who spread out their loads of laundry throughout the week but I prefer to just get it all done on the weekend when I'm home doing other things. I have an LG washer and dryer that alert me on my phone when they're finished so I can quickly run and switch the laundry and then get back to what I was doing! To help motivate myself to fold the laundry and put it away, I like to have a designated show that I only watch while doing laundry! Or I'll sometime set a timer and literally race myself to see how fast I can get it all folded and put away.

3. Clean my house

Starting off the week with a clean house truly helps me mentally! I don't know what it is about a clean space that just makes me feel less stressed. If I have time I like to use the weekend to do some of the cleaning items that don't happen daily like mopping, vacuuming, cleaning the fridge, etc. You can grab my FREE cleaning schedule template HERE!

4. Plan outfits for the week

The number one reason I am ever running late to work in the morning is because I was trying to figure out what to wear... so I try to plan my outfits out in advance. It makes it so much quicker for me to get ready in the mornings! I have found that I actually need to try on the outfits I plan or else sometimes I plan an outfit and then go to put it on in the morning and hate it. I also like planning my outfits out because I take into consideration things like the weather, what I have planned to teach at school that day or what I have going on after school that day. I share all of my outfits on my Amazon Storefront and LTK!

5. Write in my journal

This is something I have started doing this year. It was one of my new years resolutions to get back in a habit of journaling regularly--specifically I made the goal to journal every Sunday. I have also done social media free Sundays this year so instead of waking up and checking social media on my phone, I grab my journal and write out my thoughts about the week. I have found this to really help me emotionally. It helps me process whatever happened last week and move forward with the new week.

6. Yoga and/or meditate

I like to do yoga more than just on the weekends but I try to at least make sure I have some designated time on the weekend where I really slow down and let myself just be present. I am such a busy person and constantly going, going, going, that it's important to schedule some time to slow down. This could look different for each person but I personally love yoga and meditation.

7. Wash my hair + shave and tan

I only wash my hair once a week--sometimes I go 2 weeks! This is something that I have trained my hair to do. It's been years now of going this long between washes but there was a time when I could only go 2 days between washes! It takes time to build up to a week but once you do it's amazinggg. I usually I wash my hair every Sunday. This is when I have the most time to do it. While my conditioner sits in my hair I also shave. Afterwards I self tan for the week. I'll touch up my tan through out the week as needed but Sundays are when I do a full self tan. Here's the tanner I use! And here's the shampoo and conditioner I use!

8. Go over my calendar for the week

This is part of my organized personality but seriously, this relieves so much stress for me. Simply looking at my week and reviewing all the things that I have going on helps me feel better about a busy week. My husband and I use Google Calendar so that we can see each other's events and it's all digital so we always have it on our phones wherever we are! But on Sundays I like to write it out in my paper planner from @4theloveofpi so that I can see it all laid out and remember what's happening. I have a check in with my husband and we talk about our week together! I also like to create a to do list of what needs to get done that week and see when I'll have time during the week to get those things done.

What do you do every weekend to help you have a better week?

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Rachel Riley
Rachel Riley
Mar 11

Can you update the link for the shampoo and conditioner that you use? It is going to the same link as the self tan. I am so curious to know what you use!

Ms. Bolier
Ms. Bolier
Mar 12
Replying to

I'm so sorry about that!! I just fixed it!!

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