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What's In My Teacher Bag

I recently shared a brief Instagram reel on what's in my teacher bag and received feedback from some followers wanting me to go into more detail of what's in my bag and WHY so here we go...

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  • LAPTOP + LAPTOP CHARGER I actually don't usually take home my work laptop every day from school because of two reasons. First off, I really try to not take home work. I like to finish up whatever it is I'm doing at school before going home and if it doesn't have to be done by tomorrow morning then it can wait! I really am trying to be more present when I am at home since I am gone so much. But even if there is some work I want to do at home, I have a computer at home I can use. Sometimes I do still need to take it with me, for example, I collaborate once a week at another school and need my laptop with me. That's why it is still important to me for my teacher bag to have a laptop sleeve!

  • SUNGLASSES I keep sunglasses in my car for driving to and from school but I also like to keep them in my bag for wearing walking out of school to my car or if I am driving my husband's car that day for some reason. Occasionally when there's good weather I'll take my classes outside and it can be nice to have my sunglasses handy then as well.

  • PRESCRIPTION GLASSES Yes, I have glasses. But you probably wouldn't know that because I am the worst about wearing them. I feel like I can see fine without them! I didn't find out I needed a prescription pair of glasses til my freshman year of college and it has been so hard for me to remember to wear them and get used to wearing them! I get sick of them. But when I am looking at my screen for a long time I like to put them on to help my eyes rest. I also will wear them when teaching sewing so I can actually see the thread and needle hole when threading the needle.

  • TIDE TO GO I'm the kind of person who somehow manages to spill on themself regularly. It just happens okay? So that's why I always have a Tide To Go pen in my bag so that I can save my clothes from staining.

  • HAIR CLIP + HAIR TIES I like to wear my hair down most days-- it's just a personal preference. But when my foods classes cook I need to pull it up so I make sure to always have a hair clip and hair ties. I also have days where I get sick of my hair by the end of the school day and just want to pull it back.

  • HAIR BRUSH I also like to include a mini hair brush in my bag because sometimes after pulling it back for my foods class I need to brush through it after letting it down again. I also frequently go straight to teaching dance at a local studio after school or to an appointment so I like to have a brush to freshen up my hair after the school day.

  • ALLLL THE MEDS I feel like this doesn't need any explaining but ibuprofen or tylenol is a life saver on a day where you have a horrible headache or when it's that time of the month and you must still show up as a happy functioning teacher. Cough drops can also be a life saver if you have a dry throat or nagging little tickle in your throat.

  • NAIL FILE Occasionally my nail with get a little snag or chip on the end so I like to quickly file it down a little so it doesn't get worse. A nail file also comes in handy if my nails are getting too long and we're doing an activity in class where I need them shorter.

  • CHAPSTICK Another one that is obvious! I keep chapstick in my desk as well and in every other bag I own too!

  • TOOTHBRUSH, TOOTHPASTE + FLOSS I'm also the kind of person who brushes their teeth multiple times a day because I can't stand the feeling of dirty teeth. You also never know when something you ate for lunch is going to get stuck in your teeth and you're going to want some floss to get it out!

  • SAFETY PINS You would be surprised how often these come in handy! Sometimes you show up to school and realize your shirt is a little too low or button won't stay buttoned or your dress is staticky... Safety pin to the rescue!

  • Q TIPS Maybe I'm alone in this but when I put mascara on in the morning I get it all over my eyelids cause my lashes are so long. Some times I forget to wipe it off and I show up to school with flecks of mascara still on my eye lids so I'm always grateful to have some Q tips on hand.

  • MENSTRUAL CUP I could probably write a whole post on why I love menstrual cups but it's not really my content haha. So I'm not going to but I will say if you haven't made the switch yet to a cup, do it and thank me later! Especially as a teacher-- it's amazing to be able to go all day without worrying about it. This is the brand I have.

  • PENS + HIGHLIGHTER Always gotta have some writing utensils on you! Especially if I'm at a meeting or conference. I like to also have a highlighter cause sometimes that's all I need is to highlight some things.

There you have it! That's usually what's in my teacher bag! What's in your teacher bag? What do you have that I don't?

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Shiby George
Shiby George
Jul 23, 2023

Where is your bag from?

Ms. Bolier
Ms. Bolier
Jul 24, 2023
Replying to


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