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10 Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions for Teachers

Updated: Apr 19

10 of my most used Chrome Extensions as a middle school teacher!!

I love this chrome extension because it allows me to quickly and easily create QR codes for any website! I love having students scan QR codes for activities we do in class or to give them a QR code to my class website or parent survey. With this chrome extension you can have a QR code for the site you are on in one click! You can then download the QR code as an image and put on your LMS, a worksheet, or print it out. Bonus: it also works offline!

This is an amazing chrome extensions for teachers! PrintFriendly removes ads, images, or other junk from webpages that you don't want included for students! You go to the website you're wanting to edit and then you can simply click to delete anything you don't want. Then you can choose to save as a PDF (with clickable links!) or to print it. I usually save as a PDF no matter what and then print the PDF, that way I have it saved to my computer for future uses!

If you haven't used Loom before, you should definitely check it out! This was especially a life saver when it came to online learning. Loom allows you to record your screen, voice, and/or voice. I use it to create tutorials for assignments for my students. It is also great for recording a lesson for absent or online learners. The chrome extension allows you to easily start recording your screen from the site you are on.

This extension is amazing, especially if you don't have a dual monitor. It can split your browser into two in just a few clicks. You can also choose the ratio of the two. This is really great if you are sharing your screen with students because you they see just one browser but you can see both.

If you use Google Apps you will want this extension! Have you ever had a student accidentally make edits to your original document, or had students confused about how to edit a View Only document? You may or may not already know that there is a way to share a google slides, doc, etc and have it force others to make a copy, which is amazing as a teacher. However, some have a hard time remembering what they need to do to alter the URL to do this. Sir Links-a-lot is a quick easy way to alter your Google app URL and get the link you want for your students or coworkers. You can get the link for Templates, Force a copy, Preview, and to download as PDF with just a click!

This is a fun one to have! If you haven't made your own Bitmoji before, do it! Your students will love it. With this chrome extension you can easily insert your bitmoji into your slides, documents, and emails! Just copy and paste, then resize and position where you want the image. You can also use it to make a digital classroom gif that you probably saw trending during distance learning.

This is also a fun one to have. This chrome extension gives you access to all the emojis and you can add them in wherever you want. I love this one because there's a search bar! I love using emojis in my Canvas course to help make it visually easier to understand.

With this chrome extension you can change your cursor to something fun! You can make it larger, a bright color, or a fun object so it stands out and students can see it better. You can even create your own custom cursors from images. This is great for when you are screen recording and creating tutorials or if you are sharing your screen with students in class!

If you are not already using Google Keep, I highly recommend you check it out. I love using Google Keep because I can create lists and access them from any device. You can organize by category and color code too! It also integrates with gmail. Their chrome extension allows you to easily save a website, image, or quote to Keep

If you love creating beautiful presentations and/or worksheets for your students then you'll love this extension! ColorPick Eyedropper is a zoomed eyedropper & color chooser tool that allows you to select color values from websites and images. When I find an image with colors I like then I use this extension to know what the hex code is for those colors. Then in Google Slides (or PowerPoint) I can type in the hex code to get those exact colors.

I decided throw in a bonus chrome extension, realizing not every teacher uses Canvas as their LMS. But if you do, you must have this chrome extension! It is so helpful. My favorite thing about it is you can save comments that you type often and pull them from a dropdown box to make grading faster! This was a game changer for me.

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10 Chrome Extensions for Teachers

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