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12 Websites I Love Using As A Teacher

As a middle school teacher I am always looking for websites that will help make my life easier or my lessons more engaging! I've rounded up 12 websites that I love using in my classroom!

especially great for blended learning & days my students have a sub

a lesson on Nearpod

such an incredibly engaging way to review content that my students WANT to play it

Gimkit game modes

similar to Gimkit but offers different modes

Blooket game modes

tons of free slides templates to make creating any type of presentation easy slides templates

lots of online game options for reviewing or teaching content in a more fun way game concepts

an easy and fun way to randomize groups or make any decision randomly wheel

convert to & from a DPF and edit PDFs easily with lots of online tools pdf tools

great for bell ringers & exit tickets, helps to assess quickly & easily through polls and quizzes dashboard

allows you to monitor students screens in class & even block certain websites dashboard

turn a google sheet into all kinds of fun & engaging classroom activities online games

basically an online whiteboard where you can allow students to collaborate or create their own board to show their learning, also great for icebreaker activities formats

Create fun and unique lessons or reviews using existing content like Google Slides, allow students to explore at their own pace, get real time feedback and track students' progress examples

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