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8 Children's Books I Read To My Child Development Class

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

Last year I decided I was going to read a children's book every day in my Child Development class. I tried to read children's books that went along with what we were learning about that day or at least with what we were learning about in that unit.

At the start of the class we discuss how important reading to children is and the benefits that come with it. We talk about how children's books are a great way to teach kids too! I have my students fill out a Story Time Reflection every time we read a book. This allows them to connect what we read to what we're learning in class or to think about why someone would want to read that book to a child and what it could teach them.

I'm going to share 8 of the children's books that I love reading to my Child Development students and what lesson topic day we usually read them.

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How To Read A Story by Kate Messner - We read this book on the day we learn about the importance of Literacy. I actually allow my students later in the class to help read the children's book for Story Time if they would like to. Reading How To Read A Story helps my students know how they should read the story time book if they choose to do it later in the semester.

Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell - I remember my mom reading me this book when I was little and it's always been a favorite. We read this book on the day we learn about Self Concept and how to help a child build positive self concept. This book is perfect for that topic cause it's all about how Molly Lou Melon's grandma helped her to have positive self concept.

No David by David Shannon - This is a classic and usually my students are SO excited the day we get to read it cause they all know and love it. We read this on the day we learn about Positive Guidance strategies and Reasons for Misbehavior. We discuss possible reasons David may have been misbehaving and better ways to respond to his misbehavior than just saying "No" or "Stop it".

It's Not Your Fault Koko Bear by Vicki Lansky - This book helps children who have parents who are going through a divorces. We read this on the day that we talk about helping children cope with challenging times. A common challenge that children face these days is their parents divorcing and it can be a tricky topic to know how to talk about with a young child so this book is great for helping with that.

Mighty Miss Maya by Ann Tisdale - We read this book on the day we learn about Birth Defects. Mighty Miss Maya is based on a true story of an eight year old girl who has cerebral palsy and doesn't let anything stand in her way. She never gives up no matter the challenge. After the story there's pictures of the real Maya and we always take time to look at those pages too. I highly recommend this book!

When You're Feeling Sick by Coy Bowles - This is the book I love to read when teaching about First Aid and illness. It's a funny book that helps teach children about how they can face sick days with a positive attitude. Fun Fact: it was written by the guitarist of the Grammy Award–winning Zac Brown Band!

Hello In There by Jo Witek - We read this book when we learn about Prenatal Development or Pregnancy because it show a baby growing inside Mommy. It's about a sister-to-be who is excited to have a new sibling. There are fun flaps that open to show how big the baby would be inside of Mommy.

The One and Only Me by Arian Killoran - This is such a cute story goes perfectly with learning about Genetics and Heredity. We read this on the day we learn about that and I think it helps MY students understand it better even though it's written for young children.

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