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5 Reasons I Love Doing Escape Rooms In My Class

Imagine you're teaching and you stand back to see all your students engaged and on task. You can hear them talking and working together. You can feel their excitement. This is what happens when we do an escape room in my class.

If you've heard of in class escape rooms, or thought about doing one but aren't quite sure... let me tell you why I love them so much.

1. Students are the ones doing the work. They are the ones exploring, questioning, discovering, and learning. Instead of you standing in front of them talking at them and hoping they remember everything you say, they are involved in the process.

2. Students can practice communication and collaboration skills. I have students work with a partner and it's a great way for them to practice solving problems with others.

3. Students can work on their own and you get to walk around and observe and help individuals who need it. You're able to have conversations on the side that build student relationships since you're not stuck at the front of the room talking.

4. Students get excited about learning. My goal in my class is always to get my students excited about learning the material. Otherwise, what's the point? By turning it into a challenge and a game, students are engaged and excited about whatever it is the escape room is about.

5. It's a great way to introduce a topic or to review a topic! You can use it for either! If introducing a topic, students are guessing the answer. When reviewing a topic, students are expected to know the answer. So depending on which one you're using it for you'll choose easier or harder answer choices.

If you'd like to try a classroom escape room out for yourself you can get my Escape Room Template 1 and my Escape Room Template 2 in my TPT store!

They work the same but have different puzzles to solve, making it so you could use both with the same class if you wanted to. They can be used for any topic and most age levels. I designed them for middle schoolers but have had customers use them for upper elementary, high school, and adults too! If you do use one of my templates, I'd love to hear how it goes!

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