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  • scientifically formulated to clean, descale, & deodorize all models of washing machines

  • cleans the hard to reach internals of washing machines without needing to take it apart

  • safe for septic systems

  • helps extend the life of your machine & keep it operating at peak efficiency

  • 24 tablets (a one year supply) which ends up being less than 70 cents per cleaning!!

  • formulated to ACTUALLY remove the sweaty smell from gym clothes

  • other detergents have ingredients that just coat over contaminants and don’t actually get into the small crevices to break them down

  • That’s why your gym clothes never really smell 100% clean and as soon as your body starts heating up, those contaminant are reactivated and the odors are back

  • ACTIVE detergent works differently and uses bio-enzymes to actually break down these

  • up to 90 loads per bag which ends up being less than 32 cents per load!


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